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Be patient and polite: Wait for the DX station to end a contact before you continue to call. H44G & H40T are **not** monitoring the cluster. No "PSE" or "TNX" or "WORKED" or "WHEN" or "WHY NOT" and no fake DX Cluster spots (some samples...). More spots = more QRM. - Do you want more QRM?
We all can make it better! Some thoughts to think about.
DXing gets worse. One of the reasons are too many DX Cluster spots. More spots definitely mean more QRM. That's a fact.
Let's take the recent Clipperton DXpedition TX5K (it can be any other DXpedition). TX5K was an expensive Mega DXpedition with 114,000 QSOs and 24 operators. DXSummit shows 7,130 TX5K spots, that is 6.3% of all QSOs! And that is almost 800 spots per day, 33 spots each single hour and one spot each two minutes. No human being is able to process so much data anymore! A SHOW/DX 20 just shows the last 20 spots over a period of just 10 minutes.
Quality counts and not quantity.
DX spots should contain useful information interesting for anyone and you should spot only stations you can hear and not stations that you wish to work. Further analyzing the spots shows that at least (!) 1,800 of those TX5K spots are totally useless and that is 25% of all spots. You will find out the same percentages with the H44G and H40T spots. Useless spots contain the keywords PSE, TNX, TU, WHY, WHEN etc. You certainly were happy working the DX but noone else - be sure - is interested in this information if you spot a TU message that has just been spotted a thousand times before on the same band and mode.
Before sending a DX spot ask yourself: Is my spot useful for others? Will my spot have additional information that was not posted before? Or do I only want to let anyone else in the world know that I, me and myself have worked the DX or that I am unhappy with the DXpedition?
And people really start to believe that there is internet access on every remote island like Peter I, Malpelo and Clipperton and that the operators got nothing else to do than monitoring cluster spots? And people tend to set the same expectations to a smaller DXpedition with less resources like H44G and H40T as they tend to set for a 24 OP mega DXpedition. We can never fulfil all your expectations. There are unexpected problems, flight delays, illness, storms, rain, hot weather, earthquakes, power blackouts, CME's, aurora, bad band conditions and warm beer etc. We have had it all!
Be patient and polite.
No TNX, TU, PSE, WHY, WHEN and fake cluster spots -
- Noone cares - except you and your ego.

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H44G Band/Mode Breakdown
160m 89 0 0 0 0 89
80m 1247 0 0 0 0 1247
40m 1742 0 0 0 0 1742
30m 2506 0 169 0 0 2675
20m 3240 0 1290 0 0 4530
17m 2957 131 1181 0 0 4269
15m 3990 469 2240 0 0 6699
12m 3869 478 1068 0 0 5415
10m 2518 1182 395 0 0 4095
6m 184 3 0 0 0 187
Mode 22342 2263 6343 0 0 30948

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  Time of last QSO in the online log: 24.03.2013 20:58 UTC

We do not fix broken calls in the online log during the DXpedition.
Do not send any e-mails to the pilot station asking to fix broken calls or to find your QSOs in the log.

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