Guinea - October/November 2002 - Pictures Page

DXpedition Pictures

Received SSTV images

Warm welcome in Guinea through Khalil and his wife. DL7BO and DJ6TF
DL7UFR and DL7DF Eating in two shifts -- the stations need to be operated.
We see DL7UFR, DJ7UC, DJ6TF and Khalil (left to right)
DL4WK is building the R7 on the roof of Hotel Rivera DL4WK, the 6m operator
A wedding at the hotel from 4 to 7 pm. Luck for us -
we don't interfer with the music boxes.
The greetings are brought to the bride and groom through a
megaphone. We bet that's 59+40. It's nice to be loud!?
Our radio station is located on second floor in the
left wing of Hotels Rivera
The R7 on the roof of Hotels Rivera
DJ7UC DK1BT. Don't worry, he doesn't rest, he is doing something.
Hotel Rivera with the R7 and the 6m beam The Mosley beam on the neighbours property
Titanex V80E for 160m Titanex V80E for 80m
The V80E for 160m as seen from he hotel A3WS for 12 and 17