Tahiti - French Polynesia - October 2023


Our DXpedition took place to Tahiti, French Polynesia. From October 2 to October 15, 2023 we were active with the callsign TX6D. We were active with up to five stations from 80 m through 10 m on CW, SSB and digital modes. After the recent permission of the 5 MHz band in France and the French territories, the team were also activate 60 m. Please check our News Page.


Our equipment consists of three Icom IC7300, two IC705, power amplifiers, bandpass filters, a vertical for 160 and 80 m, a 60 m loop, a 40 m loop, a 30 m loop, a Spiderbeam for 20 m through 10 m, loop antennas for 20/15/10 m, HB9CV antennas for 17/12 m and a beverage.

Other information

CQ Zone 32 - ITU Zone 63 - IOTA OC-046 - Grid locator BH52GM


Our experienced crew includes:

Pilots for this DXpedition are Sigi, DL7DF and Bernd, DF3CB. Please follow the DX Code of Conduct!

QSL Information

The QSL route is via DL7DF either direct to:

Sigi Presch, DL7DF
Wilhelmsmuehlenweg 123
12621 Berlin

or via the German QSL bureau DARC to DL7DF.

If you prefer a direct QSL please send a SASE or SAE with 1 new IRC or 2 US$ for a international letter. When sending IRCs please check the expiration date, the new ones are valid until the end of 2023. Any donations are very welcome and needed for the high shipping costs.

If you do not provide the right return postage or a self addressed envelope, we reply via the buro. Please only one call sign per envelope! If more than one, all additional cards go via the buro.

Postage needed for 1 envelope with 20 Gramm (FYI): A letter within DL = 85 Euro Cent, a international letter costs 1.10 Euro. 1 US$ is equal to 96 Euro Cent. So please keep in mind that 1 US$ - due to the bad exchange rate between the US$ and the Euro - does not cover the postage needed for an international air mail letter!

We will upload the full logs of the DXpedition to LoTW within 6 months after the DXpedition.


We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our sponsors for this DXpedition:

www.funkamateur.de www.QSL-Shop.com
Rudi - DM2XO (ex DL7VFR) The South German DX Group - SDXG

Individual sponsors

Bernd - DF3CB
Milosav - S58N
Vasily - RU3SD
Gerald - OE3DSB
Hartmut - DM2HK
Volker - DL8JDX
Janusz - SQ2HL
Jonathan - W0AMT
Rolf - DL3HRZ
Brian - N2BTD
Tim - EI4GNB
Earl - K4UFB
Sidney - K3SX
Georg - DK7LX
Klaus - DJ2RG
Brad - WF7T
Franck - F5TVG
Tamas - HA5PT
Larry - N1FG
Holger - DL6ED
Tina - DL1ICB

About Tahiti - French Polynesia

Name: Tahiti - French Polynesia (overseas department and region of the French Republic)
Administrative capital: Papeete
Location: the largest of the 118 islands and atolls that comprise French Polynesia
Area: total: 1,045 sq km
Climate: The climate is tropical.
Terrain: the terrain of Tahiti is jagged and mountainous, rising to Mount Orohena
Population: 189.517 (2017)
Ethnic groups: Polynesians
Religions: Predominantly Christian (Reformed and Roman Catholic), Irreligion, Tahitian mythology (minority)
Languages: Tahitian, French

Tahiti lies in the South Pacific. It is the largest of the 118 islands and atolls that comprise French Polynesia. Tahiti is in the Society Islands, an archipelago which includes the islands of Bora Bora, Raiatea, Taha'a, Huahine and Moorea, and has a population of 127,000 people, about 83% of whom are of Polynesian ancestry. The legendary name 'Tahiti' not only identifies this island but also the group of islands that make up French Polynesia.

Reference: Tahiti - Wikitravel